Top 5 Chris Evans Hairstyles In 2017

Chris Evans aka Caption American has one of the most much in demand Hollywood actors. Alongside his successful acting career, he’s also well known for his mind-blowing style and looks. He’s always been in the spotlight for his unique stylish looks, you will see his face on almost every famous magazine covers and TV advertisement.

Chris Evans hairstyles have been very popular among man’s for many years and his haircuts will always be in trending market. Mr. Evans generally loved to adopt short hairs, especially he mostly wore slicked back hairs, I’ve never seen in him adopting a long haircut. So let’s take a look at how you can get some of his best hairstyles.

  1. Buzz Cut


Whether you’re a short, tall, black, Indian, American or European, the buzz cut is a great hairstyle for men, no matter what your face shape be this style will always suit you and also it needs less maintenance. Chris rocks this style in Snowpiercer and Playing it a cool movie.

2. Chris Evans Hairstyles 2017


Picture source : PopSugar

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3. Slicked Back

Source – Esquire

The classic slicked back is the current signature look of Chris, This haircut and beard combination with those light greenish eyes suit on him. This haircut needs little maintenance, however, it is a king of all hairstyles.

4. Side Swept

If you want a stylish and trendy look with less maintenance and unique look, then side swept hairstyle is for you. If you’re a cool and funky kind of dresser then you look great with this haircut.

5. Comb Over Haircut


The comb over is the most stylish haircut that Chris Evans ever had and with full beard comb over hair is perfect for creating a business man look.

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