The Evolution of Daniel Radcliffe Hairstyles

Daniel Radcliffe, an English actor, also known as Harry Porter, is surely one of the sexiest actors in the Hollywood right now. Daniel Radcliffe hairstyles, body, light blue eyes, eyebrows, his body, his English accent and his smile make him more sexy and attractive and yes he have the baby face in the world. He is more even beautiful on the inside than the outside.

Daniel is also known for his stunning hairstyle, he has worn several different styles. He liked to keep hair shorter, probably because of his face shape, short hair look’s good on a diamond and oval face shape.

We’ve list 9 pictures of him, you’ll find all of the Daniel Radcliffe hairstyles variations on this page! Let’s get started!

1. Daniel Radcliffe Hairstyles with Beard

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2. Short Thin hair

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Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe likes keeping hair short mostly short to medium length hair. When you scroll down and see picture no 7 you immediately thought that this haircut and picture number 7 cut both are same, admin upload it by mistake, but that’s was not by my mistake, both hairstyles are different, he just style in a different way.

3. Caesar Cut


Radcliffe also loves to wear classic look, Caesar Cut is easy to maintain classic hairstyle and the another version of Ivy Leauge & Crew cut. This look is very popular in nazi’s during second world war.

4. Comb Over Haircut

Pic from Esquire Photoshoot

Comb-over hairstyle is very easy to maintain, you can style this look easily and this hair also allow you to style in 10+ various style. No matter what your face shape is or what type of hair you have, you can can achieve combed over style easily without any hair product.

5.  Short Bleached hair


As we listed above that Daniel has a diamond to oval face shape, so his style is the best for a man with and oval face and thin hair. His hair and eyebrows are bleached with light golden colour, this style looks good on a Brittish and Irish man who have terrified white skin tone.

6. Military Hairstyle


Shaved side part is one of the best Mens hairstyles in 2016 for summers The style was also called military haircut, although the hair on top is a bit longer than military cut, Daniel style it in a different way, he just apply a hair bleach to create a messy fringes on top.

7. Medium Length Messy Fringe


One of Daniel Radcliffe most iconic look is the messy fringe. The interesting thing about this haircut is you can style in various ways, using a comb and pomade, just make your hair wet and then simply style your top hair to the left side. This look is for college boys!

8. Long Hairstyles


We’ve never seen Daniel styling long hair, usually, he like to worn short hair. He adopts this look in Victor Frankenstein movie that was released way back in 2015. One thing is cleared after seen this photo that no matter what he wore or what style he adopt, he look’s perfect.

9. Spiky Haircut with short sideburns


This stunning spiky look is a very popular haircut among youngsters. Daniel keeps it long, neat and shaved sides and back. To achieve this look, you hair should be uniform 7-8 inches on top, you can style spiky look with your hand after clipping sides and back.

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