The Evolution of Brad Pitt Hairstyles

According to me, Brad Pitt is the only man on this planet who has worn almost every hairstyle. The Hollywood superstar from Oklahoma has changed his look nearly every year. Among the best Brad Pitt hairstyles, you will find the slicked back, undercut, buzzcut, classic pompadour, and man bun. We’ve added a full Year by Year Evolution of Brad Pitt Hairstyles check it out below. I hope you guys like it!

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle 1991 –


If you’ve watched the Johnny Suede movie, that was released way back in 1991. You’ve undoubtedly noticed Johnny Suede epic pompadour haircut. The character portrayed by Brad Pitt. Well, this movie is one of the biggest flopped movies of his career, and yes the hair was not also cool enough.

Short Casual Hair 1995 – Seven


The thirty-two-year-old Pitt was looking a bit like an entrepreneur with the short casual haircut, which he bleached and pushed up with shorter sides.

Blonde Fringe Hair 1997


With angular fringe, Pitt attended Seven Years In Tibet Newyork premier in 1997. This is the year when he broke up with Gwyneth Paltrow and began dating with Jennifer Aniston. Looking sexy as always, Brad, for sure, makes every girl crazy.

Buzzcut & Spikey Hair 1999 – Fight Club Movie



Besides the long hairs and undercut, He styles a buzzcut and spiky hair in Fight Club that was released in 1999. It was the year when Brad’s success is at its peak. The twenty-eight-year-old Tyler Durden character was surely one of the greatest characters in the Hollywood movie. Tyler’s hair is styled to perfection that every guy wants to adopt.

Long Hair – Academy Awards 2000


This is one of young Brad’s signature and favorite look. He had worn the same look throughout his career, especially when he was young. This is a kind of fresh haircut that a lot of male celebrities have, and that’s the reason why supermodel Kendall Jenner crushes on young Pitt.

Bald Hairstyle 2003 – Ocean Twelve


Brad this cut in Ocean Twelve and Mr & Mrs. Smith. A bald cut is a great option for those who have thinning hair and for those who want easy to maintain hairstyle. One more beautiful thing I like about this look is it does not require much maintenance and care.

Brad Pitt Hairstyles in Troy 2004


Achilles bleached shoulder length hair and his beautiful body will surely make girls swoon.

Blonde Haircut 2005


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Short Haircut with Mustache 2007 – 2008


This look becomes very popular since Brad donned that look in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He looks so adorable with a mustache because he has rectangle face shape.

Side Swept Bangs 2008


In 2008 he tried Robert Downey Jr beard. As I said whatever he try to wear, every new thing looks good on him and become a trend.

Combed Over Hairstyle 2009 – critics choice awards


Brad donned combed over gentleman look in 2009 critics choice awards. He becomes a styling God of many men’s including me as well from 2000’s to till now. He knows for his different look, but my favorite by far is his comb over style.

Brad Pitt Hairstyles in Moneyball 2011


His role in Moneyball as Billy Bean will touch everyone’s, heart. But it also earned Brad a 2012 Academy Awards & Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role and a Motion picture but unfortunately, he not won the Oscar, but he won the hearts of many girls with this stylish business person haircut.

Man Bun Hairstyle 2012


I love man bun and Brad Pitt too; he adopted this excellent look in 2012. It has taken a lot of people by surprise.

Medium Length Hairstyle 2013 – World War Z


The World War Z star had medium length hair in 2013. The bloodthirsty zombie movie’s sequel was hit the big screen again in 2017, and I’m eagerly waiting to see this look of Brad again on big screen.

Slicked Back Haircut 2014 – Fury


Brad Pitt’s slicked back hair in Fury got more media attention in 2014 then FIFA world cup. Yes, believe me, Fury haircut has become so popular after the film release. This thorough look got so many positive responses from hair hairstylists.

Short Sides and Back 2016 – Golden Globe Awards


A cleaned shaved Brad Pitt adopt short sides and back for Golden Globe 2016 Awards. I still remember when he walked in on the red carpet with Angelina Jolie every camera flash was on him. He chooses a short side and back hairstyle with a tight blue suit.

Brad Pitt Allied Haircut – 2016


The classic side part is one of the probably the most famous classic men hairstyle that is still in the fashion market and twenty-first-century men still used to wore this high-class haircut. Brad Pitt adopt this look in his romantic thriller World War II film ‘Allied.’ That was set to released on 23 November 2016.

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