Olivier Giroud New Quiff Hairstyle

French footballer Olivier Giroud is one of the greatest football player in the Europe rite now. Not only for his brilliant skills but also for his style, haircuts, Outfits and smile and this is the reason why he is a heart beat of million of girls. In 2014 FiFa World Cup Olivier Giroud New Quiff Hairstyle become very famous, because this Quiff hairstyle with undercut looks very good on him. Giroud Quiff hairs is bleached with blonde highlights exactly like Cristiano Ronaldo Bleached his hair blonde in 2010 but Cristiano Ronaldo Quiff Haircuts are different from Giroud Quiff Hairs because Ronaldo Buzzed all the hair on both sides and they use straightener to straighten his top hairs which are bleached with blonde highlights but Giroud Sides are laying flat and fade and his back and side hairs are buzzed with a hair clipper.

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If you have long face then I recommend you to go for Blonde Quiff Haircuts. If you’re wondering how Quiff haircuts looks then see the below picture of Giroud, he was looking so stylish and handsome and surely you will also look great and Handsome with this hairstyles.

Hair Products to use with this Hairstyles.

Pomade ! Clipper ! Wax and Hair Gel





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