7 Most Popular Ryan Reynolds Hairstyles

Ryan Reynolds is the hottest guy in the Hollywood right now. He is doubtless one of the best style icons. He is now 40 but still, he looks like a 20’s guy and there isn’t a word in the dictionary for how good he look, this is why he have more than 10 million Instagram followers but this is not only the thing why people love him. He’s also well known for his stylish haircuts and fashion sense. From his short curly hair in Definitely maybe film to his short layered haircut in the Criminal film, each of Ryan Reynolds haircuts is short and simple. His hairstyles are not developed over the years, he always liked to adopt a short haircut, in fact, he never grows his hair in his entire film career. Ryan Reynolds hairstyles are pretty simple to achieve because he always adopts a short haircut and short hair is easy to maintain.

1. Ryan Reynolds Hairstyles

Source: Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images

2. Low Fade Side Swept Hairstyle

Image Source: Getty / Daniel Zuchnik

Side Swept is an amazing hairstyle, especially when done correctly. Whether you want a stylish iconic look or a unique style, the side swept is a perfect for both ways and give an innovation to your look. This is a clean and neat look and goes perfectly for men with oval and diamond face shape.

3. Curly Hairstyle

CREDIT: Pacific Coast News Online

Only a few guys have lucky enough to get a thick curly lock and Ryan Reynolds are one of them, but its very hard to manage thick curly locks. This is difficult to maintain hairstyle but pairing with it a classy suit, you will get the flawless classy look.

4. Crew Cut

I’ve written a compressive Crew Cut Hairstyle Guide for Men check it out!

5. Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle

The asymmetrical haircut is a great style for men with thick hair, due to its versatility and low maintenance, it’s a hairstyle that can work with any hair type and face shape. It’s an intense style but you can style it in various ways.

6.  Wavy High Fade Short Haircut

The high fade short haircut is arguably the most flawless haircut, and because of Ryan’s diamond face shape and with a disconnected beard, he looks more stylish and charming. This is an extremely great style for guys with a masculine body. To get this look you always need a clipper, hair clipper is a one-time investment hair tool which is work on the same principle as scissor work.

7. Short Layered Haircut

In this look, the hair is very short throughout the head but the hair at the top of the head are of uniform length. The texture of the hair, volume, and beard make this look more appealing and charming.

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