7 Best Mens Military Haircuts 2016

Most of the people think that military haircuts are not enough sexy and stylish, they believe that only buzzcut and Induction cut allows in the army but they are wrong. Army and military men can also adopt so many different hairstyles & beards. The only thing to keep in mind is just to keep your hair shorter as long as you keep and your hair must be cut in a faded & tapered style.

Here are the some haircuts appearance standards for army men, air force, coast guards, marines, navy, commandos.

• You cannot make a tattoo or design in your hairs.

• Your hair must be shorter to 2 inches.

• your hair must be cut in a faded & tapered style.

• Mohawk, Fohawk, Pompadour, Long Hairstyles, Angular fringes are not allowed.

• Curves are also not allowed.

• Recommended Hairstyles; Buzz cut, Induction cut, short slicked back hairs.

• Red, blue, red and all the hair colours are not allowed.

See more here: Army.com

Here we have listed 7 Best Mens Military Haircuts in 2016. If you want to look more stylish and handsome then I recommend you to wore Slicked back hairstyles, that we have listed in 3rd spot on our list. Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt had the same hairstyle in his latest movie “Fury”.

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1. Crew Cut


Hairstyle by: ichelo_thebarber

2. Military Haircuts For Men


3. Brad Pitt ‘Fury’ Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle


4. Military Buzz Cut


Hairstyle by – itsclipperovercomb

5. Ivy League Haircut for Army Men


Hairstyle by: experttouchmenssalon

6. Short Slick & Scruffy Haircuts

7. Short Faded Hairstyles


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