Josh Donaldson New Hairstyle

Josh Donaldson is one of the popular baseball player of today. He wa born on 8 December, 1985 at Florida, United States. He is now plays for Toronto Blue Jays and he is previously also plays for Oakland Athletics. Josh Donaldson New Hairstyle is a great watch not just this haircuts are unique and crazy but also this hairstyles is quite easy on eyes although this “Crazy Josh Donaldson New Hairstyle” seriously to be honest looks pretty good on him. This Crazy Hairstyles is inspired by Travis Fimmel, Travis Fimmel is an Australian actor who played a role of Ragnar Lothbrok in History channel’s famous Tv show Vikings.

This is probably a question many people keep asking how can someone style their hairs like Josh does. This is one of the most craziest hairstyle I’ve ever seen in my life Josh Donaldson most preferred hairstyles are the funky haircuts and high undercut hairstyle. He also likes Mohawk and Pompadour hairstyles.

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If you want to get your hairstyles like “Josh Donaldson New Hairstyle” firstly you need to grow your hair approximately 20-25 cm length after this you need an hair clipper for buzz cut to both sides of your head, Side buzz cut is needed 4-6 times in a month. Then you need an Hair comb, light brown Hair color, Hair spray, Hair dryer and pomade. (don’t buy cheap products from useless online websites I recommend you to buy all these products from here: Amazon Hairstyle Products ) you can also use these products to style all other different hairstyles.

After buying all these hairstyle products Take a shower and relax. Then use hair dryer to dry your hair after drying your hair use hair comb. After that get your hand into some pomade which gives your hair more shine.

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Pic Source : Josh Donaldson – Twitter


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