Top 5 Hardy Sandhu Hairstyle

Hardy Sandhu the young talented Punjabi singer from Patiala, Punjab won many girls hearts by his dashing look and personality. One thing that you don’t know about him is that he love to look stylish and handsome. Hardy Sandhu hairstyle is very famous for his fans, especially boys. I’ve been on a trip to Punjab a few months back and what I see there that almost every Punjabi boy adopting Hardy Sandhu hairstyle. We’ve shared 5 of the best Hardy’s Haircut below have a look on it!

  1. Hardy Sandhu Hairstyle


This haircut is very trendy between young boys. Jassi Gill rocked very similar style a few years back. This is a great style and many actors pulling off, you can easily achieve this style with wax or hair gel.

2. Spiky Cut


Spiky hair can be a styled in a variety of many ways, it requires a little maintenance but it looks great if you have an oval face shape.

3. Side part Style


The best thing about being a singer or actor is we don’t have to worry about having a haircut that is office appropriate. I’ve listed this style on 2nd position because Hardy looking really great with this comb over style.

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4. Horn Blow Haircut


Slicked back undercut is one of my all time favorite hairstyle, yeah this style is very hard to maintain but it looks great. Brad Pitt, the award-winning Hollywood actor featured in the Fury that was released in 2014, also wore that look in the movie, but that one is the classic slicked back undercut and this one is the modern undercut. Hardy wore this haircut in his latest Punjabi song “Horan Blow” music video.

5. Punjabi Beard Style


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Hair Products that works with all these haircuts

  1. Hair Comb
  2. Gel
  3. Hair Spray
  4. Dryer
  5. clipper



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