Gerard Pique 2016 Hairstyle & Beard

Gerard Pique is probably one of those football players who are very famous for Ivy league Quiff hairstyles. The thing about new Gerard Pique 2016 Hairstyle is that almost every men find it sexy and cool. Pique tried almost 4-5 hairstyles in last few years some of them are Buzz Cut, Spiky Hairstyles, Thin Hairstyles, Quiff Haircuts and one of the most famous is “Ivy League Quiff Hairstyle” don’t be confused Ivy League is not a football League LoL, its an hairstyle name. Actually Ivy League Haircuts are become so famous in 2010 Fifa world cup when Gerard Pique, Pedro, David Villa & Suarez wears that Hairstyle. But when it comes to Ivy League Haircuts only Gerard Pique name comes in mind becuase he look’s perfect with that haircuts and it is one of the haircuts that made him look younger than his actual age.

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How to Style Ivy League Quiff Hairstyle & Beard

This New Gerard Pique 2016 Hairstyle is very easy to pull off, you just need a thin and shorter hair. Don’t worry if you have long and thick hair, just go to a Saloon and cut your hair to medium 4 inches in length. after that you need a scissor to trimmed sides behind the ears and around the back of the head you can also use Hair Clipper. Now use hair gel and with comb slightly give a shape to hair on top of your head. That’s It. This is a very low maintenance hairstyle and this hairstyle is also look good on businessman’s and college boys who are doing graduation.

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Hair products to use with Ivy League Hairstyles – Gerard Pique 2016 Hairstyle

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