7 Easy To Maintain Hairstyle for Office

When it comes to easy to maintain hairstyle for office, it becomes a serious subject. Some men want simple easy to maintain haircut which looks sharp with casual wear dress and suits. Sound simple enough? How hard could it be?

Well, It’s very simple to adopt a haircut for office.

The great thing about office haircut is that it does not require much maintenance and care, you can easily style in the morning without any tension of getting late.

There are so many hairstyle for office. You can pick and adopt what style you like; a classic, modern or natural all style can look great.

Lets Begin!

1.Natural Slick Back


If you want to make a better first impression on your office mates then adopt this Leonardo di Caprio ‘wolf of wall street hairstyle’. You look mature, attractive, simple and sharp with this style and this is what an office guy want.

2. Natural Pomp


If you have a masculine body and a long face shape then you must try a medium length hairstyle bcos short hair does not look good on masculine men. This style is a variation of a comb over style with spiky bangs and it looks good if you’re going for a more trendy/office look.

3 Short Hairstyle for office


To create an all new trendy look or make a new style statement without looking too flashy a good short hairstyle is all you need. The crew cut is one of my all time favorite haircut and Brad Pitt also like this cut. One thing that I like most about this cut is you can style it in just 20 seconds. Sound fair enough?

4. Classic Combover


5. Modern Preppy


The modern preppy is a great style for guys who want to look classy in the office. The cut is slightly tapered at sides that give a nice entrepreneur look with faded beard.

6. Classic Office Style

Everyone knows this man Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime minister, he is not only famous for his heart-touching speeches and smile but also he is famous for his innovative haircut and dressing sense. Achieving Justin Trudeau hairstyle requires a large forehead and an oval face shape because of side part hairs.

7. High Fade Short Hair


This cool cut shows off thin hair and it is very easy to style but yes it requires a much maintenance than any other hairstyle for office that I’ve mentioned above. I highly recommend this style for guys with a square and oval face shape.



  1. My husband is trying to decide one which type of hairstyle that he should go with next, because his current style takes too much time to maintain. After looking through all 7 of these styles, though, I definitely think that the modern preppy style would be best. Not only would his hair look really good like that, but I think that it would help him to look more professional in the workplace.


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