Crew Cut Hairstyle Guide for Men

Crew Cut is one of the most attractive and easy to maintain men’s hairstyle. If you’re looking for a short & clean cut, then this haircut is perfect for you. Today I’m going to write a detailed guide on crew cut hairs. In this post, I wrote down all the details and advice so that you can quickly adopt this epic haircut. I have also added a video guide which you can check below to learn more about this hairstyle. If you don’t know how a crew cut looks like, then see this picture below.

Haircut by: pablorhodrigues

This post is a 3000 words post, so I’ve decided to include a table of content for your quick reference.

• What is a crew cut hairstyle?

• Classic crew cut

• How to style a crew cut hairstyle

• Styling difficulty

• Hair products for crew cut hairs

• Which popular men celebrities have sported a crew cut?

• FAQ for crew cut haircut

• Conclusion

Let’s get started! 🙂

What is a crew cut hairstyle?

The crew cut hairstyle involves keeping the top faded from front to back, left medium hairs from 1-3 inches on top to style into a bangs or side part hairs while the back of your head and sides are cut to a uniform short length. This hairstyle is very similar to the hipster & Ivy League haircuts, which is a longer version of a crew cut. The only real difference is that, with the crew cut, the hair on top is left very short while in the Ivy League haircut, the hair on the top of the head left enough hair to style a side part.

Haircut by: alex.gulkanyan

Classic crew cut

This hairstyle is on at its peak in the second world war, Nazi officers and soldiers loved to adopt this haircut, but they styled it in a different way. They wore a very short cropped cut which is styled in a buzz cut style.

The hair on the top of the head for a classic cut is a very short length while the hair on the back and the sides is tapered to various lengths, its depend on you what length you want, either to scissor trimmed or a clipped length by clipper.

I recommend you to trim your sides and back hairs with trimmer they give sharp edges.

The best known classic crew cut is that of Daniel Craig in “Skyfall.”

Pic – HeyGuys

If you’ve seen the Skyfall that has come way back in 2012, you would have noticed the very short haircuts of Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig style is a perfect example of a classic crew cut, and it was the same hairstyle that Nazi officers have worn during world war 2.

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How to style a crew cut hairstyle

First, Save all these pictures on your mobile and show them to your barber, because if your barber or hairdresser are not familiar with this haircut, they get an idea about how to cut. We also upload a video below which gives your barber more brief about this haircut.

Step 1: Wash your hair with shampoo & a hair conditioner and then use a dryer to dry your hair faster.

Step 2: Tapered the back and sides: Use a clipper to buzzed your sides and back of the head to very short uniform length (#2 to #3) start buzzing your hair from the back of the head, always start buzzing from the bottom of the neck and then buzzed your sideburns. Don’t forget to use a clipper over comb because it gives an idea of buzzing length. Always use two hands, one hand on the client and one hand on the clipper. End of Step 2!

Step 3: Now we going to cut the top and also blend into the top taper parameter and that’s all going to be done with clipper over a comb (underhand technique) don’t forget to leave extra length on the front.

Step 4: In step 4 we are going to tell you how to cut a front edge, Just lift the front hairs with a comb and use a clipper to blend the hairs, that maintain a little extra length at the front, do the same thing with corner locks.

Step 5: Last Step! Use a trimmer and a finishing comb to clean up sideburns and around the ear area to achieve a crisp, clean line and now clean the neck as well, now repeat the process on the opposite side.


Styling difficulty

The one thing I like most about this hairstyle is that “Easy to maintain.”

The Crew cut is a great easy to maintain a hairstyle that gives an absolutely clean cut, as we mentioned above crew cut is very similar to buzz cut so it is also very easy to style and it is a low maintenance haircut that looks perfect with any face shape. It’s also suitable for Businessmen and Military men since this hair are easy to style & maintain.

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That why we give 1 out of 5 styling difficulty to this haircut.


Recommended hair products

Clipper: Hair clipper is used to buzzing your sides and back of the head. Click here to Buy

Trimmer: Used to trim sideburns and very short lines. Click here to Buy.

Hair Comb: combs are crucial hair styling tool for men. Click here to Buy

Styling Creme: Styling Creme gives a nice texture to your locks. Click here to Buy

Hair Dryer: Hair dryer are used to dry hair faster (worth buying product) Click here to Buy

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Which famous men celebrities have sported a crew cut?

Channing Tatum in the She’s the men movie

Pic By – PopSugar

Matt Damon in Bourne Identity

Pic by – usa today

Jeremy Renner in Hurt Locket movie


Brad Pitt in “The Tree of Life.”


FAQ for crew cut haircut

From where should I buy all these products you mentioned above?


What is the best hairstyle for a round and oval face?

Ans-) Crew Cut

I need an easy to maintain hairstyle for office, easy to style in a morning?

Ans-) Crew Cut 

I have a long face shape; I want to ask whether I suit short haircut or the Ivy League haircut?

Ans-) None of these suits on a long face, you can try slicked back or pompadour hairstyle.

What hair color looks good with a crew cut?

Ans-) Blonde & Brown

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Styling Video

Video by Ivan Zoot aka Clipper Guy


The crew cut is a classic hairstyle that can be styled in various ways and it is a long term haircut. I recommend you to buy your clipper from Amazon as we know sideburns grow very fast so that you can buzz your hairs with clipper instead of visiting the barber shop every time.

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