Charlie Hunnam Hairstyle – Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur

We’ve posted a handy guide on How to get Charlie Hunnam Hairstyle in Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur Movie that includes all the pictures and styling guide. Have a look no it!


Every masculine man demands a cool short but easy to maintain hairstyle. The short slick back hair with a blonde beard is the style that trending almost everywhere in Europe.

With volume and texture, this cool style features modern, cool and stylish look. It is also a great look for teens boys that works well anywhere from the high school to the college.


One thing I loved most about Charlie Hunnam Hairstyle that it works for almost all every hair types if you have thin hairs and if you’re a British and you did not adopt this style yet, then shame on you, I mean this style looks so great on British guys with thin hair.

The cut also works on thick hair but you need a styling product and much maintenance, A comb is a key product to achieve this style with minimal product.

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Charlie Hunnam not only famous for his awesome haircuts but he’s also known for his immaculate beards, he looks extremely awesome with this blonde beard style, It gives him a masculine look. The blonde beard is a great style for guys looking for trendy/hipster look.

Picture Source: EW



    • I have a full head of hair but my hair is thin so I use a strong hold product. I have the same style and with “Fisticuffs tuff hold” ( pomade and a wide tooth comb I can produce this or with a fine tooth comb and a blow dryer I can produce a nice modern pomadore.
      BTW, the more wet your hair is the less hold you get but the wetter it looks. Since it is the high hold I find it holds fine with damp hair. Also I can recomb it. Also no solvent needed like some other high shine high hold.
      It also has plesent woodsy odor and very high shine.
      Additionally if you unable to get Fisticuffs try Sauveceitos (sp) but be warned it has a liberal amount of odor.
      Hope this helps


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