Bryce Harper’s 5 Best Hairstyles

Bryce Harper one of the most stylish and famous profession baseball player, because of his masculine body and look he looks more attractive and handsome. Bryce not only famous for his masculine body and ground fielding but also he is famous for his flawless haircuts. Bryce Harper Hairstyles is very trending from the last couple of years especially his signature look ‘Slicked Back Haircut’.

Bryce Harper Hairstyles

Slicked Back Undercut


Alex Brandon/Associated Press

His haircuts are the inspiration for men’s for many years whether he adopt a slick back undercut or a pompadour high fade haircut, he always looks flawless. Bryce who is born is Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, is mostly where a cap or hat, so he hardly changes his hairstyle over the years, he mostly prefers an undercut. Although he adds some variations to his undercut, in some league he wore a slicked back undercut or in some photoshoots he adopts a pompadour undercut.

Pompadour haircut is a hard to maintain hairstyle, especially for students and businessmen. Bryce has rocked pompadour look over the past few months. He mostly likes a rough and tough look.

Pompadour High Fade Hairstyle


Side part undercut is the most stylish haircut that he ever had. This look works best with short to medium length hairs. Bryce Harper adopts this look for only a few months and it’s very rare to see him in any other look. Many stylists call it a comb over the haircut.

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Side Part Undercut



To get Bryce Harper haircut you need a conditioner to regularly smooth your hair and keep your shorter from a side as short as possible, you can do this with a help of clipper. Now apply your styling product to your hair and then use a comb for a side parting the hairs.

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