7 Best Mens Hairstyles With Beards

Everyone know how hard for men’s to find perfect hairstyles with beards. You want something sexy style that looks cool in college but at the same time, you want to look mature. Below I’ve shared some of the best haircuts for men who love beards.

  1. Comb Over Haircut


Comb over hairstyles with beards is a great style for masculine man and the men who have thick hairs in 2016. This heavy beard makes this trendy style for Mature guys even more appealing.

2. Men Ponytail Style


Man Bun Ponytail hairstyle is the sexiest style for guys who love keeping hair long. This is not an easy to maintain hairstyle, you need a high maintenance and care for this style. To style, a man bun your hair should be minimum 6 to 7 inch long and just tie your hairs with an elastic rubber band.

3. Short Spiky Quiff with Low Fade


If you’re looking for a classy style and want to try something unique, the spiky quiff will turn to be an inspiration you need. Spiky hair can be pull off with a hair gel or wax, just use your fingers and lift your hair up to create spikes. that’s it!

4. High Fade Short Wavy Hair with Mustache


The handlebar mustache is the sexiest and hardest mustache to achieve! yeah, that’s a sexy truth. Many men try to achieve this style in Movember or simply because they are trending from last few years. The easiest way to get this look is just growing your beard and go to the nearest barber shop. Warning: Don’t try this at home! JK!

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5. Mens Hairstyles with Beards


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6. Tom Hardy’s Trending Style since 2010


Tom hardy gain a lot of attention from media after Mad Max and Inception. His style is trending on social media from the last couple of years, even one day “Tom Hardy Beard” is trending among twitter top trends in the USA. Part of the reason is that Tom look’s extremely attractive with a beard.

7. Slicked Back UndercutMens-Hairstyles-with-beard-4

The slicked back hairstyles have been trending since 2014 when Brad Pitt wore this cut in his World War 2 based movie “Fury”. This is a traditional German haircut and almost every nazi’s soldier style this cut in second world war. This style involves keep your back and sides fully shaved with a clipper and the hair on top should be 5 to 6 inch long.



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