7 Best Medium Length Mens Hairstyles 2016

Today we’ve listed some trendy 7 Best Medium Length Mens Hairstyles 2016 for young guys Have a look at it!

  1. Thick Messy Medium Length Haircuts

    Model – Sergio Carvajal

Thick messy medium length haircut is a perfect hair to adopt on this summers. With lots of texture on top with a wavy, thick hairs make this look more sexy and stylish. This hairstyle looks very cool even with beard and mustache.

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2. Medium Length Mens Hairstyle with Angular Fringe

Model – Alvaro Mel

The angular fringe has been an all time favourite haircut for many years. This one in above picture is a modern look with a lot of texture. The hair on top is left longer because to cover the right eye, its look good and stylish. The sides are ultra clean cut and back.

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3. Louis Tomlinson Emo Hairstyles

Model – Louis Tomlinson, AKA Boo Bear

This look was probably trademarked hairstyle of Louis Tomlinson. We’ve never seen him adopting any other look, He always wore this hairstyle in every music video and concerts. If you have thick, messy hairs and a round face then you may try to wore this emo hairstyle, It looks good on you.

4. Slicked back Medium Length Mens Hairstyles

Model – Abbas Mourad

The Slicked back medium length hairstyles for men become very popular in 2015. Since then we see many Hollywood celebrities adopting this haircut. The slicked back hairstyle is very easy to adopt and also easy in maintenance. Men who wore a dark slick back hairstyle with the short beard looks very attractive and sexy as you show in this pic Abbas Mourad looking so handsome & stylish.

5. Long Fringe with Dark Black Hairs

Model – Enzo Carini

If you been thinking about growing your hair from short to medium length, then this haircut is for you. Long Fringe with Dark Black Hairs looks so perfect with long face shape and especially on young guys. This haircut is similar to angular fringe hairstyle, the only difference is that angular fringe has long hairs on top of the head with short back shaved sides and Long fringe haircut have a nice dark black texture at the front.

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6. Combed over Haircuts with Short Sides

Model – Enzo Carini

7. Enrique Iglesias Medium Lenght Trendy Hairstyles

Enrique Iglesias Hairstyle

Enrique Iglesias has probably been one of those celebrities who loved to wear a Medium Length Mens Hairstyles that is easy to set and wore. He is adopting this hairstyle from the last couple of years. His fans especially Indian fans love this look, we see most Indian guys loved to adopt this look.

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