7 Best Cool Hairstyles For Men

Most men prefer short hair and prefer that their hair be lower on the edges and the back. This is traditionally the way most men love to wear their hair but for a present day look, most men will choose a fade or undercut hairstyle. Men also prefer hair that they can do quickly as long as it looks good and they can wear it in different variations. Here are the 7 best cool hairstyles for men.

1. Fade Haircut


The faded hairstyle has been popular for many years and is essentially the base for many men’s hairstyles. Fade has different variations of hairstyles and can be worn in many assortments including classical, low cut, mid cut, and high cut. The fade is popular because it is part of the pompadour and undercut styles. This hairstyle is basically for just about everyone.

2. Undercut 



The characteristic undercut hair is short on the sides and long at the top. Regardless of the type of hair you have, you can get different variations of the undercut that fit with your hair type. The undercut hairstyle is a chance for men to explore different options and offers them the chance to make hair style adjustments.

3. Pompadour 


With this type of haircut, men generally have different variations but the main theme is that the hair will be short on the back and on the sides. The top will be long with large volumes of hair known as the pomp that increasingly fades wanes towards the back. Elvis Presley famously made this hairstyle a craze and it has always popularly made its way back as trendy.

4. Man Bun


The man bun is very popular with men in cinema and with sports personalities. Movie personalities Jared Leto and Leonardo Dicaprio and soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic all prefer the man bun. The hair is all pulled to the back of the head and then tied up when men wear the man bun.

5. Side Part


For the professional man, the side part is ideal because it is a clean and classic hairstyle that is great for the workplace and for every occasion. It is ideal for men that have thick hair and requires short tapering on the sides and longer hair at the top. A low fade variation offers men the conservative appearance.

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6. Buzzcut



Buzzcuts or crew cut are popular with most men who have hair that is long enough to be brushed forward. This type of haircut especially looks good on African American men because their hair is curled and remains closer to the head.

7. Slicked Back

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This is a very popular hairstyle that involves ensuring that the sides and the back of the head are kept in an undercut. The top remains long enough and is slicked backward. This haircut will give the hair a polished and sharp appearance. This hairstyle is favored by businessmen and politicians who love to look sharp.

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