10 Best Black Men Hairstyles

Making a list of 10 Best Black Men Hairstyles out of so many similar haircuts is a very tough job, you can check out our this list and say that “why all haircuts are same”? yes, there are many black men hairstyles that look almost same and it is extremely hard to shortlist. But don’t worry we’ve listed Top 10 men’s haircuts in 2016 for you! have a look at it!

1.Low Fade With Shaved Side

Low fade with shaved side. Source – proud black roots

Low fade hair has very popular over the years, it’s a style that works with every hair type and face shape. The low fade haircut with shaved sides looks great if you have the short beard.

2. Black Men Hairstyles

Source – sexy brothas fig

Short hairstyles with beard are very popular with black men. This is the hottest style and can achieve with almost every face shape, but if you have an angular face and medium length beard then you look amazing with this cut.

3. Chris Brown Haircut

Chris Brown Haircut

Chris Brown rocks almost every hairstyle. He is so famous among black men’s because he can rock short and trendy black men hairstyles in every new music video.

4. Buzz Cut


If you’re looking for an easy to wear haircut that look’s perfect, then buzz cut is for you. Buzz is a trendy short cut, also known as a military cut. The barber first cut hair with a scissor and then he uses a clipper to buzzed your sideburns and back.

5. Low Tapered with Purple Afro

Low Tapered Purple Afro

A low tapered cut with purple afro highlights is the hottest hairstyle in 2016 for black men. This style looks very hot no matter the occasion, whether you’re in the college or just want to look more stylish in a prom night.

6. Kinky Coils with Hair Tattoo

Black men hairstyles
Kinky Coils with hair tattoo. Source – @andyauthentic

This is a great cut for young boys who like to look more stylish. The sides and back are clipped with a clipper and a trimmer is used to make a hair tattoo while length on top keeps 3-4 inches.

7. Long Dread Locks with Bun

Long Dread Locks with Bun. Picture by – @canvas_poet 

Long dreadlocks with a bun are one of the hardest to maintain and heavy hairstyle. We’ve listed this style in our list on 7th position because “Long dreadlocks” is one of the most trendy vintage hairstyles. Jamaican singer “The great Bob Marley” is very famous for this style in late 60’s.

8. Curly mohawk with Short Sides

Curly with short sides. source –

Curly mohawk also know as classic mohawk involves shaving the sides and keeping some short curly hair on top. It is very difficult to achieve this cut, so I recommend you to go to a barber shop for this cut.

9. Fade Haircut with waves

Fade Haircut with waves. Images source – @barber_sauce 

If you’re looking for a short, easy to maintain and cool haircuts, then this the one for you. A fade haircut looks amazing on almost every black men, I’ve seen many Hollywood actors adopting this style. It’s a very short length wavy hair with shaved sideburns.


10. Curly with Shaved Side Part

Black men hairstyles
Curly with shaved side part

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