5 Amazing Shahrukh Khan Hairstyle

Shahrukh Khan aka SRK aka King Khan is surely one of the most popular and famous Bollywood actor in the world. Not only he is a great actor but also his Sixpack and handsome look and surely this is the reason why he is very popular in Bollywood. Today we’ve listed 5 Amazing Shahrukh Khan Hairstyle so guys take a look at it ! Enjoy.

1. Shahrukh Khan Hairstyle


2. Shahrukh Khan Layered Haircut


SRK layered hairstyle is similar to the back knot hairstyles, but the major difference between these two is that back knot hair is swept on both sides and in layered hairstyle the top hairs are combed backward side and layered hairs does not have a knot in back. Shahrukh wore this hairstyle in his superhit movie Chennai Express.

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3. Shahrukh Khan Long Hairstyle

Shahrukh Khan in Don 2 Movie

If you’ve seen the Don 2 movie, which was released way back in 2011, you would surely notice Shahrukh’s amazing long hairs. That become very popular and trendy haircuts of him. SRK is probably one of those few Bollywood actors who loved to wear long hairstyles every time. He also wore the same hairstyles in IPL.

4. Shahrukh Khan Hairstyle with Indian Traditional mustache

Pic – Xtremewalls

One hairstyle that was very common in the late 80’s was the medium comb over haircut. Shahrukh khan wore this hairstyle in Devdas movie. Well, this hairstyle not looks good in the modern era but this mustache looks very good with long to medium length hairstyles, especially on Indian men.

5. Shahrukh Khan Back Knot Hairstyle


Hairstyle with a back knot is one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles for Indian men’s. SRK love this haircut, He wore this haircut in many movies such as Chak de India and Chennai Express. He also adopting this same hairstyle in his upcoming Bollywood movie in 2016 “Raees”.

Hair Products that works with all these hairstyle

  1. Hair Comb
  2. Gel
  3. Hair Spray
  4. Dryer
  5. clipper

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