Punjabi Singer A Kay Long Blue Hairstyle

A Kay’s voice is soothing and cute, unique from other Punjabi singers. He is not only popular for his songs and voice but also he is very famous for his new Hairstyles and Looks. One think that is very popular about A Kay is that he keeps on trying new hairstyles and haircuts. Nowadays A Kay Long Blue Hairstyle is very famous in Punjabi boys. he has been in short hairs, Long hairs, spiky hairs, slick hairs and Mohawk hairs. A Kay Hairstyle has Dark Black and long hairs and now he maintains a look Long Spiky Blue Hairstyle, This long Blue spiky hairstyle makes him more stylish and perfect for any outfits he wants to wear.

How to get A kay Long Blue Hairstyle? to get it, you need the long hairs first.

First grow your hairs at least 15 cm long from your top of head after that you need a gel and blue hair spray, you easily get these stuff from barber shop or from amazon.

Now wash the hairs with any shampoo and then leave it to get dry for 30mins now use a hair clipper and hair dryer with a blue spray to style it.

Hair Products you need to style this hairstyle

  1. Hair Comb
  2. Gel
  3. Hair Spray
  4. Dryer
  5. clipper

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Punjabi Singer A-Kay Long Blue Hairstyle


Punjabi Singer A Kay 2015 Hairstyle

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A Kay New Long Blue Haircuts


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