Adam Levine 2016 Hairstyle

When it comes to style and Looks American pop band Maroon 5 member Adam Levine name is always comes to #1 Spot. Adam Levine is not only the best pop singer but he’s also a best fashion model. He is also known for his glamorous style and handsome personality. Adam Levine love short hair because he looks perfect with short hairs and his face shapes is straight so that hairstyle will work great with his face cut, This haircuts looks great on all face shapes, but is best suited for men with a straight face. Adam Levine also had the same haircut in My Life Music Video. This Faux Hawk Hairstyle become a widely popular trend among all men in 2015-16. Adam Levine likes keeping short hair, mostly straight, that makes him a fashion icon in the Music Industry. So i must recommend you to try these Faux Hawk Hairstyle, if you’re age is between 22-28 then these haircuts look perfect on you especially for men with straight face.

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Adam Levine Hairstyle Images





All Images (Adam Levine Brasil)



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