20 Best Mens Short Hairstyles 2016

Make a list of 20 best hairstyles out of thousands of trendy hairs is a very tough job. If you are a Hairstyles enthusiast, then here is a detailed list of the 20 Best Mens Short Hairstyles 2016 to adopt in 2016.

1.Mens Short Spiky Hairstyles

Model: Rowan Row

If your hair is thick & straight, then this hairstyle is for you. This hair is awesome to style and works well with every hair type, you can style it in various different ways. The hair is shorter on the sides and longer on the top. you can easily adopt this look if your hair is of shorter to medium thick type.

2. Short Trendy Combed Over Hairstyle


One of the most classic hairstyles for men is the short combed over hairs. This hairstyle is the simple combed over with the hair laying slicked and thick. A comb was used for sweeping the hair to backward and hair dryer give some volume and texture on the combed hair.

3. Classy Straight Hairstyle with beard for Men (Recommended for Bussines Men)best-mens-hairstyle-2016-pics

Without a doubt, short straight hairstyles with shaved beard are becoming very popular. The straight hairstyles with a beard are common among men of European descent. Long or medium face shape with hair that is short in density and texture will suit this style best. Beards should always be well shaved and trimmed to keep a neat and professional look.

4. Short Regulation cut

Model: River Viiperi

Short Regulation cut? Every British and American boy enjoy this clean and perfect look. If you want to adopt this haircut, then keep this thing in your mind. These hairstyles are best for men with a medium straight face and men with blonde hairs. The hair texture must be short to thick, and if your hair is thin, then you may need very much take care to keep these styles.

5. Short Classic Side-Swept Hairstyles for Business Men 

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 25: Leonardo DiCaprio seen on location for "The Wolf of Wall Street" on September 25, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/WireImage)
(Photo by James Devaney/WireImage)

Leonardo Di Caprio ‘wolf of wall street’ Classic Side swept hairstyles is one of the best hairstyles for 2016. Leonardo Dicaprio is an American Actor & Director, best known as the star of Titanic and The Wolf of Wall Street Movie. The wolf of wall street becomes the biggest hit of Leo’s Carrer.

Bussiness men & Entrepreneurs used this haircut very much in the office and in at work. This hairstyle can make any men look so trendy and cool, and the hair seems to be so straightforward and easy to worn.

6. Preppy Side Parted Short Hairstyle

Model – Steven Chervin

This Preppy Side Parted Short Hair is very classic hairstyles. It goes very well with wavy hair. Here we’ve to notice that the hair on the top is very short, and the sides is trimmed well. This would be a classic style with a fresh look.

7. Straight Modern Slicked Back Hairstyles

Pic – http://lincooln.com.br/

If you are looking for a Hairstyle, which has both trendy and Classy look, then short slicked back Hairstyle is for you. The short slicked back hairstyle has been fashionable since 2010.

The minimum length of Slicked back hairstyle is 5 inches. I would give almost four months to my hair to grow to 5 inches and then I finally went to a barber shop to get this haircut. I get so many compliments on this hair than any other haircuts.

8. Straight Brown Hairstyle for Men

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

These short brown hairstyles are very popular in young teen boys; We have found in our survey that many young boys want the same straight blonde hairstyle and beard as Robert Pattinson have.

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9. Side Shaved Faded Short Hairstyle

Source : @nicholas_the_greek

The hair on top will be between 1 to 2 inches in length and the sides and back will be tappered with a clipper and a scissor. This cut is one of my all time favorite Hairstyle thats why this is in 9th spot in our Mens Short Hairstyles 2016 list.

10. Short Spiky Dark Hairstyles

Model: Philippe Coutinho

If you want to get this hairstyle, ask your hairdresser for a sharp cut with 3 inches on top and a shaved sides and back with a trimmer or a hair clipper. Don’t forget to color your hair with dark black color before going to barber shop.

11. Short Side Parted Combed Over Hairstyle

Pic – http://lincooln.com.br/

This one is very similar to the modern slicked back hairstyle. This haircut was with short shaved side, and hair on top is combed over backward with a hair comb, you can also use a trimmer for shaved sides.

12. Men’s Short Straight Hairstyles

Model: Rowan Row

Most of the popular Mens Short Hairstyles 2016 right now are short straight hair on top with trimmed side worn in a classic style. The hairs are pulls straight up on top with a pomade. The hair on the sides has been fade-shaved with a trimmer. This is a great sexy haircut for men who wanted a formal look or a more sexy appearance.

13. Men’s Short Brown Messy Hairstyles

Model: Nick Bateman

Popular Mens Hairstyles 2016; The short brown messy hairstyles are easy to do style and will work with thick as well as thin hairs. All you need is good hair dryer and brown hair color.

14. Short Slicked Hairstyle for Young Boys

Model: Enzo Carini

15. Sculpted Side part Hairstyles with beard

Pic: Swiss Hair

Sculpted Side part Hairstyles with a beard and a parting line is one of the sexiest and easiest to adopt and style. All you need is a hair comb and a hair gel to style.

16. Mens Short Hairstyles 2016Best-Mens-short-Hairstyles-2016-4

If you love Brad Pitt’s classic German look in Inglorious Basterds, then this classic thick short hairstyle if for you. This cool haircut has plenty of texture and volume on top, and side hair are swept an oil-based pomade looking fresh and just classy enough.

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17. Mens FauxHawk Hairstyle (Recommended for Indian/Asian Boys)

Model – Ricardo Baldin

If you’re in a hurry in the morning and want simple and easy haircuts, then why not try this short fauxhawk hairstyle? which required less maintenance and were very easy to worn.

18. Johnny Depp “Public Enemies” Hairstyle


This hairstyle was at its peak in 1950’s after second world war. This hairstyle is a simple longer hair on top with the hair laying flat on back and while sides trimmed with a scissor.

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19. Quiff Hairstyle


If you have a long face, then I recommend you to go for Blonde Quiff Haircuts. If you’re wondering how Quiff haircuts looks then see this images of french footballer Olivier Giroud, he was looking so stylish and handsome and undoubtedly you will also look great and Handsome with this hairstyles.

20. Short Shaved Side Part Fine Hairstyle For Men






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